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Santa 1-on-1 is the brainchild of Chicago-based writer, M.C. Antil. A former ESPN executive, M.C. has played Santa Claus for over 20 years in calls to nieces, nephews, and the young children of many friends.

In 2002, after years of thrilling their children, his family and friends finally convinced him to turn his good will into a business. The result was
Santa 1-on-1.

And while M.C. understands he’s now running a business, he approaches every assignment with the love and attention to detail he has exhibited every Christmas when calling young believers.

Many of the testimonials on this site are from parents whose children M.C. has thrilled over the years; while some are from the children themselves, now grown. We urge you to read them and see for yourself what a lasting impact a call from Santa Claus can have – not just on your child, but the entire family.




Illustration: Jennifer Kalis        
Copyright 2003 M.C. Antil