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I just wanted to let you guys know that we were so impressed with you last year that we knew we had to come back. Santa was so authentic that any doubts our 8 year old had were very quickly dismissed. We so appreciate the time that was given to each of our children, to watch their eyes light up when Santa told them intimate details of their lives was so worth every penny.

Brian and Kimberly Byrd
Summerfield, NC

I just want to tell you how overwhelmingly pleased I am with your service. It brought tears to my eyes to see how my five year-old lit up after receiving the phone call from Santa. Both of my boys were in awe afterwards! Yours is by far THE BEST Santa call service…ever!

Karla Carrillo
Miami, Florida

My little brother was being teased at school for being different than his classmates. Santa called and told him not to listen to what the other kids said; that it was OK to be different and he should be proud of who he was. After that call he was walking on air, and for the next two years would tell anyone who cared to listen that he was a personal friend of Santa Claus.

Michele Holder
Lake Worth, Florida

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! You are better than your testimonials give you credit. You should have seen our kids faces light up. They believe like no other kids in the world tonight! What a gift you are, and I'm telling everyone in the world!!!"

Valerie Burmester
Kirkland, Washington

The call that Thomas received last night was incredible. The attention to detail, the amazing things Santa knew about him…Thomas was completely bowled over. I will recommend your service to anyone I can, and I plan to be a repeat customer.

Christi King (A True Believer)
New Milford, Connecticut

You have made one 8 year old girl (and her 43 year old mom) very happy. She was “teetering” about believing in Santa, but this call did it for her. No less than every minute did her jaw drop and her eyes bug out because Santa knew something about her and her life. After a lengthy conversation, she started doing cartwheels, screaming “Santa called me…Santa called me!” It was the best present I could have gotten.

Denise Weber
Robbinsville, New Jersey

The spirit of Santa and Christmas lives! Thank you so much for so many years of genuine Holiday joy.

Ryan, Danny and Kerry Lynch
Wilmette, Illinois

I can’t express my gratitude adequately. This will most definitely become a tradition in our house!

Tracy Emro
Brookfield, Connecticut

I can’t tell you the joy you brought to Gabriella’s eyes and mine. There is no greater gift in the world than to see the one you love so happy…She will not stop smiling…Thank you for my Christmas present.

Patricia Kemp
Nutley, New Jersey

My daughter Kyler was on cloud nine. She was so excited and thrilled that Santa called her I can’t even explain it in words. Thank you so much for the wonderful work you are doing by touching so many children and their families.

Kerri Hill
Fort Worth, Texas

Frankly, I miss getting those Santa calls. As a little girl, they were as much
a part of my Christmas as opening presents.

Jane Grover
Gaithersburg, Maryland


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