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Christmas Eve
Most parents elect to have Santa call on Christmas Eve, just before bedtime. During Christmas Eve calls, Santa talks about where your child is spending Christmas Eve, confirms he or she has been good, and asks about what kind of snacks will be left for Santa and his reindeer. (This is just a suggestion, but baby carrots make a nice low-cal food for Santa, while being a favorite of the reindeer, especially Dasher and Cupid.)

Christmas Eve calls are also a great time to prepare children for certain presents they may not be getting. Santa tries to turn a negative into a positive by explaining that he knew your child would be understanding, which is why he gave the last of that particular toy to a poor child on the other side of town.

Christmas Day
Some parents find a call from Santa Claus is a great way to wrap up a memorable Christmas morning. During Christmas Day calls, Santa talks about how long the trip was, how tired he is, and tells your child some of the things he saw while traveling around the world. He also says thank you for the snacks and asks which presents your child likes best.

During the Christmas Shopping Season
For some children the sheer excitement of Christmas causes them to act up during an already stressful time of year for most parents. Having a call from Santa a week or two before Christmas is a great way of reminding your child that Santa is watching and that it’s more important than ever to obey.

This is also the best time to determine which gifts are most important to your child, while giving you enough lead time to find them.

Who’s to say your child’s relationship with Santa Claus can’t last all year round? By calling on your child’s birthday Santa establishes that your child is special to him, and subtly communicates that even though you’re not always thinking of Santa, Santa’s always thinking of you.

Birthday calls are also a way of letting Santa and your child bond without the expectation of gifts. Such an opportunity can deepen the relationship your child has with Santa, while gently reminding him or her of the importance of remembering a friend’s birthday.

A Special Accomplishment
Like any good friend, Santa will pick up the phone and call your child any time of the year. A call from Santa after a good report card or other special accomplishment can reinforce the sense of pride he or she feels. And when something is troubling your child, a call from Santa can brighten the day.


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